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Great lighting is the difference between a home that looks okay and one that looks spectacular.  Quality landscape lighting can ensure that your house looks as incredible at night as it does during the day—or even better.
As your Atlanta landscape lighting specialist, NightVision Outdoor Lighting has the skill and knowledge needed to transform and illuminate your home.  We can add elegance and definition to your home, highlighting the architectural features and ensuring that your house will always stand out after sunset.  Our landscape lighting can draw attention to your favorite tree, guide guests through your garden, or light up your deck for your next party.  Whatever impression you want to make, NightVision Outdoor Lighting will bring your home to life and exceed your expectations.
NightVision Outdoor Lighting can also address your commercial lighting needs.  If you want lighting that will make your building pop, you will love our work.  Creative, well designed lighting can really make an impact.  Our commercial lighting will draw attention to your commercial space and display it in the most effective way.  If you want your business to make an impression before the visitor even walks in the door, you can’t go wrong with a commercial lighting plan from NightVision Outdoor Lighting.
At NightVision Outdoor Lighting, we are committed to raising and defining the standards for great landscape lighting at a great value.  After being in business for 11 years and installing landscape lighting in over 3500, our work speaks for itself.  Whether you plan to entertain and show off your yard to your friends or simply enjoy the view for yourself as you pull into your driveway each day, a customized Atlanta landscape lighting design from NightVision Outdoor Lighting will give you something to be proud of.
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